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Trauma-informed and equine-assisted coaching, consulting, and education. I help women and men in positions of service move through burnout and trauma to regain their inner passion and drive.

You're burned out. The last few years have made you wonder why you're even doing this work, the work of serving others. You're tired, and you don't remember why you wanted to be a doctor, a firefighter, a social worker, a first responder, a court reporter.
You've accumulated so many stories of sadness and pain that it feels like you're carrying a hundred-pound pack through the day. You want something else, something better - both for yourself, and for the people you serve.
I get it. I was there, too.
And I can help you remember.

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Lifelong Learner, Coach, Horsewoman.

Let me cut to the chase and tell you what I'm not.

I'm not your boss. I'm not here to tell you what to do. I'm not going to make decisions for you, and I'm not going to tell you what's right for you. That's your job.

What I will do is create and hold a space where you can find your inner compass, speak with your authentic voice, metabolize the trauma that keeps you from your passion and joy, and hold sacred your own ability to heal and move forward.

This is not therapy. Therapy is about what happened. Coaching is about what happens next.

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What If You Could...

Find Your Authentic Self

Step Into Your Power

Understand Your Impact on the World

Clarify Your Dreams

Create a Secure Base of Support

Identify Your Parts and Process

Learn to Move with Courage, Grace and Compassion

Make Decisions Based on Your Core Values

Embrace the Journey and Chart the Next Steps Forward

Equine-Assisted Coaching and Learning Can Make That a Reality.

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What Do We Do?

Equinox Equestrian Services offers Equine-Assisted Coaching and Learning, experiential opportunities for growth and development for both individuals and groups.

Horses provide a unique feedback framework to explore communication, boundaries, collaboration, consent, and nervous-system regulation.

We explore this through activities rooted in somatic awareness and equitable interaction, both inter-personal and inter-species.

Horses and humans are both mammals, governed by the same type of nervous system. For both species, relational development and attunement are at the heart of our interactive experiences.

Without guile or pretense, horses convey the wisdom of presence and relational co-regulation.

Horses guide, assist, and facilitate our growth, and in turn, we intentionally acknowledge and listen to the wisdom of the herd.

All activities are done on the ground, with no riding involved, and no previous horse experience required.

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Who Do We Help?

We help disenchanted people find their real lives.

We help first responders live a life of service that doesn't sell them out, sell them short, or lead to moral injury.

We help those who work in service metabolize the trauma they see and hold every day, so they can remember why they do the vital work of caring.

And we help women step into their healthy, vital, warrior energy to create real change -  for themselves, for their loves, and for the world.

Is this you?

Your next choice starts now. It starts by saying hello, and talking, and finding out what matters.

It starts by learning if the horses and I can be of service to you.

Ultimately, it starts with you. Book a consult call and let's find out if we can move forward -


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When was the last time you felt truly at peace?

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Book online or call us (or text!) We also periodically offer in-person introductions to the work, as well as a monthly drop-in meditation circle. Join us!

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