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My Background

I've been a deputy sheriff, social worker, equine sports massage therapist, racetrack groom, barn manager, and I'm currently a graduate student in psychology. 

The way of the horse called to me when I left law enforcement - cynical, bitter, and shutdown as any war horse, I knew I could not keep on living without authenticity. Discovering the wisdom of the herd has been the greatest blessing of my life. I would love to share this blessing with you.

I'm a certified Equine-Assisted Coach* and certified Transformational Coach*. I am currently completing my Level 1 Equusoma Horse-Human Trauma Recovery Certification based on Somatic Experiencing and my Level 1 Hanna Somatics Foundations Course. I am a doctoral student studying Transpersonal Psychology at Meridian University.

Now is the time for you to begin the process of healing your life, reclaiming your passion and joy, and discovering your way forward. Contact me to see how I can be of service to you.

*certifications completed fall quarter 2022

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...and our inspiration

We're blessed to have three beautiful, kind, curious souls doing the work with us. 

(L-R) Leo is a Quarter-Pony who came to us quite shutdown, but has blossomed into a steady sentinel who loves affection. Mojo is a Quarter Horse full of curiosity and courage. Louis is an Appendix Quarter Horse, a gentle giant both sensitive and playful.

We carefully monitor the wellbeing of our herd, both physically and emotionally, as they do this work, and limit our sessions and availability accordingly.

We share this herd and this space in trust with Spirit Horse Education, with whom we often collaborate, and we acknowledge that The Sanctuary is unceded Wiyot land, and pay our honor tax accordingly.

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